Resume tips to help you get an interview

images-1This article just confirmed what I have been saying all along! The key to making your resume attract the attention of employers is a brief listing of your Key Achievements and skills and work history. 12577&utm_campaign=CandiNewsletterQ4&utm_source=SEEK&utm_medium=eDM&utm_content=Art3InactCandi

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Job interviews

Here is a website to help you with increasing your chances of getting an interview for a job.

To summarise it is recommended to evaluate your C.V. or resume. Spend some time reading it through the eyes of an employer who is looking for an outstanding candidate to fill this vacant job. Think about your strengths and skills and include those points in your C.V. Make it stand out, so that they attract the attention of the reader.

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Your application is unsuccessful!

05142011_job_articleHow many of us have received the above letter in reply to our application for jobs! Many of us have received this disappointing news. Many times you feel this is the ideal job to work in and you feel you stand a good chance of getting an interview at least! And then you receive an unsuccessful letter! It is hard to deal with this situation time and time again! I have been in that same situation many times in the past. Today I am still standing!  I work in my own business.

The feelings of rejection can last a while, affecting your mood for the day. Don’t feel you are the only one or don’t take it personally.  Employers receive hundreds of job applications in the mail and the selection process is lengthy and difficult for them as well. Have you realised that there are thousands like you in that same situation? Realise that circumstances do change, just be patient.


What positive action can you take while waiting for a job:

  • Have hope! Realise that another job is waiting for you, something that is good for you in the long term. Be patient and wait!
  • Re-read your Resume or C.V. and change it so that it is more attractive. Focus on marketing your key strengths and skills.
  • Be active! Take up some activity that you like – getting physically fit or take up a hobby while waiting for a job.
  • Broaden your knowledge or skills. Study a short course. There are some short courses available for a small fee at College of Advanced Education, Local Councils, TAFE Colleges.



Please do contact me to have a discussion on how to build up your resume, job application cover letter. I offer confidential advice at a reasonable cost. All queries welcome from students, graduates, unemployed, migrants.

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Fastest growing jobs in 2017

Weblinks of fastest growing jobs in:



  • Public Transport & Taxi Services, (Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics industry) – Job Growth 133%. Average salary $75,000 pa.
  • Engineering Drafting, (Engineering industry) – Job Growth 72%. Average salary $67,671
  • Welders & Boiler makers (Trades & Services industry) – Job Growth 65% . Average salary $58,889
  • Workers Compensation (Insurance & Superannuation industry) – Job Growth 62%. Average salary $69,637
  • Management (Healthcare & Medical Industry) – Job Growth 58%, Average salary $98,344.



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10 things to do while waiting for a job

images-1Playing the waiting game while job hunting is not easy! You send off lots of job applications and either don’t hear from employers or get an unsuccessful response. Not easy! Many go through this scenario daily.

How can we fill in that time of waiting for the phone to ring or that long awaited successful letter?  Here are some tips to overcome this and work to a positive solution:

  1. Keep ACTIVE! Do a personal inventory – We can use that spare time, by organising ourselves, our surroundings, our homes first, our paperwork.
  2. Update your C.V.  Contact me for formatting Resumes/C.V. @ Prepare your C.V. file with references included.
  3. Daily exercise – Use that spare time to improve your health. Set up a daily exercise routine – go for a 20 minute brisk walk daily. Walk the dog.
  4. Food intake – don’t neglect your health, eat healthy meals.
  5. Hobbies/Activities – take up your favorite sport or past time – swimming, tennis, dancing. If you can’t afford to pay for any of the above, check your local Community Centres which offer reduced rates or free activity sessions. This is the best time to do what you never found time for before and what makes you happy!
  6. Writing – write a daily journal of your thoughts and experiences, which could come in handy one day recalling your life while unemployed.
  7. Prayer – Spend some time in prayer, renewing your spirit by meditation on scriptures – a few minutes morning and night, going through the events of the day and how you can overcome some weakness and improve it next time.
  8. Volunteering/Networking – join local Community Centre groups for regular activities or volunteering. Some volunteer work could get you the job you need!
  9. Librararies offer free to low cost services for joining where you could browse books or check the internet.
  10. Upgrade your technical skills by joining local university or trade schools, for example a short computer course, cake decorating, sewing, or how to make Barrista Coffee!

~ Best regards

Mary @ Resume Services

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How to impress for success!

Mary's Resume Service

interview.jpg Applying for a job requires a few steps to take in the right direction. Ask yourself the following questions – write them down on a notepad.

  • Do you have the skills and experience for that job?
  • Why do you think you can do this job successfully?
  • Have you weighed out the pros and cons of the job, working in it day in, day out?
  • Do you know anything about the background of the Company, the Department, the mission and values of that company?

If you think you can answer the above questions truthfully and realistically, take the next step:

  1. Research the company background and learn about it.
  2. Write out your C.V. addressing all the skills and requisites for the job advertised.
  3. A good idea is to always have your C.V. ready at any time even if you are settled in a job.  Keep updating it 1 or 2 times a…

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How to change yourself in positive ways

While blog hopping, I came across this website and would like to share it with you all. After all we need to help one another on this great journey of life. Someone, somewhere is stuck in a rut and looking for change. So here are some great tips. I only share what I know is good for me, so its good for you …

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